Plain English Nerd for Hire

Helping schools and small businesses in regional and rural Australia communicate clearly with parents, clients, and customers.

Are you spending too much time writing and not enough time doing what you do best?

Or maybe you’re spending all your time working with your current clients so you’ve got no time to write words for your website or marketing material.

Need to hire a plain English writer who knows what they’re doing, is affordable, and can work on smaller projects?

I’ve got you covered.

From stressed

to serene.

From no sales

to no problems.

From floundering

to flourishing.

I can help you and your team reach your goals.

I work with small teams in regional and rural Australia who work in


Think online schools, childcare centres, and independent educators.


Think web designers, software developers, and IT consultants.

Creative Industries

Think photographers, graphic designers, and handmade product makers.

I can help you communicate clearly through:

Plain english writing

Let your clients and customers easily understand your messaging.

Plain english Editing

Make your existing words clearer for your audience.

Plain english Training

Learn my plain English ways for yourself and your team.

Blog Writing

Educate your audience on topics related to your brand.

Website Writing

Tell your audience how you can make their lives easier.

Email Newsletter Writing

Build trust through communicating regularly with your audience.

Content Audits

Find out which content is awesome and which needs improving.

Tone of Voice Guidelines

Create consistency for your brand’s words no matter who’s writing.

Free Resources

Write better with my free plain English resources.

So, what are you waiting for?