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Plain English Editing

Do you want a more cost-effective way to make your existing content clearer and more accessible instead of starting from scratch and creating new content? I can help you and your business achieve this with my plain English editing.

What is plain English editing?

I turn everything I edit for my clients into plain English, but what does that mean? Plain English editing means I revise your existing writing so everyone can easily understand your messaging.

It means I start with this overly complicated language

“Action for the protection of the environment is encouraged.”

and turn it into this clear message.

“We encourage you to protect the environment.”

Why is plain English editing important?

Plain English editing is important for three main reasons:

1. It gets your message across quickly to your audience.
2. It helps your audience better understand your messaging.
3. It keeps your audience relaxed because their brains aren’t working in overdrive to understand you.

How does plain English editing help my business?

Plain English editing is hugely beneficial for your business. Why? Because no matter whether you sell products or services, people who understand your offerings will buy more from you. When you communicate clearly, you’ll also have less back-and-forth with your audience, which means more time for you and your team members to work in your areas of expertise. What if you’ve already spent time and money creating content but realised it needs to be clearer? In this case, plain English editing is more cost-effective than plain English writing from scratch.

Plain English editing can also expand your customer base and increase customer satisfaction. How? Because it makes your messaging more accessible to those with lower literacy levels. You might be shocked to know that 44% of Australian adults don’t have a high enough literacy level to do everyday tasks like reading a bus timetable or getting the groceries. When you hire me to do your plain English editing, you include these people in your messaging, so you increase your customer base. Content that I’ve edited into plain English is also easier for your audience to read, which makes them like your business more and want to buy from you.

What can you edit in plain English for me?

From blog posts and website content to email newsletters and more – if it’s got words, I can edit it into plain English for you. Click the button below to fill out my contact form and get the ball rolling on your plain English editing project.

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