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Content Audit Services for Australian Small Businesses

Do you need a content audit done for your Australian small business? I can help you save time, increase your customer base, and hit your financial goals through doing a content audit for you.

What is a small business content audit?

Providing content auditing services means I audit content for Australian small businesses. Pretty simple, right? Well, let’s define two things so you understand me more.

1. Content is all the information you create and share with your clients and customers. It could be blog posts, email newsletters, website copy, social media posts, and more.
2. When you audit something, it means you check to make sure everything is high-quality and working how you want it to.

Why is a content audit important for my Australian small business?

Doing a content audit for your small business is important for three main reasons:

1. It shows you what content you already have so you don’t create more than you need to.
2. It points out what’s already working well so you know which strategies to use in the future.
3. It highlights what you need to improve so you know which content to fix when you’re ready.

How does doing a content audit help my Australian small business?

Doing a content audit is hugely beneficial for your Australian small business. Why? Because no matter whether you sell products or services, doing a content audit means you’ll save time so you can focus on doing what you do best in your small business (or spending more time with your family). It also helps you save money in the long run. How? Doing a content audit shows you what content you already have, so instead of spending time and money creating 100% new content, you can repurpose old content for your audience to engage with. Doing a content audit also helps you identify amazing content that’s already getting you more leads and sales, so it uncovers the perfect content strategy that already works for your audience. This means you can use that strategy to spruce up any content that needs a little work, and you can do this all without spending heaps of time and money on content strategy.

Doing a content audit can also increase your customer base and help you hit your financial goals sooner. How? Because doing a content audit helps you see gaps in your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and work out ways to improve it, which means new customers and clients can find you more easily. It also helps you identify which content is outdated or inconsistent with your brand voice so you can update it. By updating your content, it means your clients and customers will like you more, build more trust with you, and be more likely to buy from you because they’ll have a better user experience when viewing your content.

What content can you audit for my Australian small business?

Whether it’s your website copy, blog posts, email newsletters, or something else, I can audit it for you. Not sure if you’ve got enough content for me to audit? That’s okay – I can audit anything from a simple one-page website right up to a complex 500-page one. Click the button below to fill out my contact form and get the ball rolling on your content auditing project.

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